Chickadee Encounter

The Black-capped chickadees over winter in Ottawa.  So they are easily encountered when hiking the various woodland trails around Ottawa.  They land anywhere close to get to the seeds, a nearby branch or your head or your camera lens and of course they eat from your hand.  They zip in and zip out with their seeds. You have to be quick to catch them because they are never still for long.

© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.

Chickadee-Winter-Series-1 Chickadee-Winter-Series-2 Chickadee-Winter-Series-3 Chickadee-Winter-Series-4


7 thoughts on “Chickadee Encounter

  1. Wow – that’s really cool that the chickadee came to eat from the hand! The birds in my neighborhood aren’t there yet, but it’s nice to know that there’s hope.

    1. Ottawa has a number of woodland trails and bogs that are filled with wildlife. The chickadees are so used to being fed by the people walking the trails that they start swooping down with the expectation of being fed. We try not to forget our bird seed when we walk these trails.

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