Jumping for Joy

As I look outside my window I can hear and see freezing rain. A good time to post a series that always makes me smile. I was out taking pictures of tulips and looking for wood ducks along the canal when I wandered into the dog park at Brown’s Inlet. This little terrier was dragging his owners (a mom and little girl) toward the water. Mom took him off the leash and his body started to vibrate. He ran to the edge of the grass which is a couple of feet above the water and jumped in. He was hilarious. He started swimming in circles, splashing the water and barking. Then he would swim to the edge and his owner would haul him out.  He would shake off and launch himself off again and again. His owner said if allowed he would do this for hours. After several jumps she hauled him off to dry in the sun on her porch, dreaming of doing it all over again.

© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.

Jumping-For-Joy-series-1 Jumping-For-Joy-series-2 Jumping-For-Joy-series-3 Jumping-For-Joy-series-4 Jumping-For-Joy-series-5 Jumping-For-Joy-series-6 Jumping-For-Joy-series-7 Jumping-For-Joy-series-8


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