A Beautiful Bride

This is the closest I’ll ever get to doing wedding photography. This wedding shoot was at Major’s Hill Park. At least I thought this was a wedding shoot but soon realized that there was no bridal party only a bride and groom. When the bride was not having her picture taken she looked uncomfortable and not like a bride celebrating one of the happiest events in her life. So I’m thinking it was some kind of wedding promotion shoot with models. But that’s just a guess.

It was during the tulip festival and the crowds were out. So this the photographer had to work with people moving in an out of his frame. I shot with my 70 – 300mm lens which allowed me to be a fair distance away. When processing the pics I cloned out the photographer’s lighting equipment. My favourite is with the little girl watching. She is the same little girl that I captured frowning in my last post. Unfortunately, there is a large square something framing the photographer in the first picture. Maybe it wouldn’t be so prominent if I converted to black and white. But I think this is all about being framed but colourful tulips, so I’m going to file this under “don’t sweat the small stuff” when taking street photography.

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4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Bride

    1. Thanks Greg… the no jeans rule is yet another reason I won’t be be working as wedding photographer in the near future. It’s just not conducive to rolling around on the ground to take pictures. But I don’t mind taking pictures of the bride when she is out in public. 🙂

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