A Happy 1st Mother’s Day

Photographing children is a whole new ballgame for me but I really enjoyed myself and hope to repeat the experience. I was invited along to shoot this mom’s first Mother’s Day. Her son was a very sweet but a serious little guy. Mom worked hard but he never gave us a smile. That may have been because I was a stranger or maybe he just needed time to warm up to having his picture taken. We kept the shoot short because it was a little cool and windy especially in the shade. Even though they stayed bundled up in their jackets our models were a little cold by the end. The location was the at Dow’s lake taking advantage of the beds of tulips in full bloom.

This is the first group of pics that I processed from this shoot and there will be more to come. Adriana was also on this shoot so I will be posting some of hers soon too. I’m a little slow at processing these pics for 2 reasons. First, I always sit on my pics for a while so that when I go to process them I a looking at them with fresh eyes and hopefully can be a little more objective in picking what is good and what is not. Secondly, processing portraits is new for me and I’m learning as I go. Hope you like the results.

© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





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