Mother’s Day – Part 2

These are the rest of the pics from the Mother’s Day shoot during the Ottawa Tulip Festival at Dow’s lake. As I mentioned in my last post, the little boy was very sweet but serious.  I didn’t get a smile from him, but in the last pic he seems more relaxed and maybe a bit curious about me.  I have the same pic with both mom and him looking in the same direction which just happened to be Alexa who was shooting beside me. Then in this frame he turned to look at me.  I included this pic because I liked his relaxed expression but unfortunately the lighting changed dramatically and they were backlit. This resulted in substantial shadow and highlights on mom’s face. The models were getting cold by this time so we ended the shoot and this was my last pic of the day.

I recently upgraded to the D600 which is a full frame camera. So I am learning about what it can and cannot do.  Except for the dust on the sensor problem, I love this camera.  When we started out we were in the shade and I was shooting at ISO 400 but when the sun started to come out I think I should have gone to a lower ISO.  But I was more concerned about getting what I needed in focus and framing my pics so I shot in aperture mode and had some blown highlight problems.  Oh well, live and learn.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.






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