Backyard Drama

Last year I noticed that there were Blue Jays,  Northern Cardinals, Chickadees to name a few of the birds in my neighbourhood. So one of the first things I did this spring was put up bird feeders in my back and front yards to attract some birds. Build it and they will come was my philosophy and it worked. There are however, other creatures who like to take advantage of free food too. The squirrels moved in. It’s not like I haven’t seen them before but not like this. It seems like a dim memory but weeks ago we actually experienced warm and sunny weather and I noticed one of the new residents sunning himself on the fence. I had my camera by the window in order to shoot the birds coming to the feeders. I was so amused with him that I took his pic and suddenly the drama unfolded. He was relaxed one minute and alert the next. He went from the fence to high in the tree and was looking at something. A predator had entered the scene. This dangerous predator was actually totally unaware of him until he scurried to a higher perch. He watched until he left and then came back down to the fence. His period of relaxation was ruined. I”m guessing that was enough excitement for him so off he went.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.








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