Missed Opportunity


In the past I used Flickr for photo sharing. However, for a number of reasons I decided to take a break from Flickr. I opened a Facebook page and started this blog. Flickr recently introduced some changes and has a new look so I thought I would revisit my page and I uploaded one of my gosling pics. There were a number of emails waiting for me. One expressed interest in purchasing a photo of mine. A design agency was working on a condominium project and would like to purchase my beautifully shot photograph “Sunset Dow’s Lake” for the condominium’s brochure, website and their sales centre display. The email however, was dated early April and it was now June… Sigh… I replied to the email but I’m pretty sure that the ship has sailed… Double Sigh…So I thought I would post “Sunset Dow’s Lake” for you to see. Oh well, my husband tells me there will be other opportunities. He is ever the optimist.


There is of course, a second part to my tale of woe. I decided to make sure I could find this picture in my archives. It was not where it should be and panic sent in. We did eventually find it but only as a raw file in iPhoto. So I would have to post process it again. I downloaded it into Photoshop and no matter what I did I could not reproduce it. I wasted all day on it until all this wasted time seemed vaguely familiar. I finally remembered that I did not use Photoshop to process this pic. It was one of the few that I had processed in iPhoto because I couldn’t get what I wanted in photoshop. This was why there was no .psd or .tiff file saved in bridge. It all made sense and once I figured this out I was able to reproduce this image. What a relief. 🙂


Dow’s Lake is a small man-made lake on the Rideau Canal. There is a large park located around the opening of the Rideau Canal into Dow’s Lake. Many people enjoy walking, cycling or rollerblading along the Rideau Canal. This park is most recognised for hosting Ottawa’s annual Tulip Festival each May. Many of my tulip photos were from the beds along Dow’s Lake. These are pictures of the sunset at Dow’s Lake. It was the second photo that they were interested in. I took the first photo as the sun was setting and the second a while later after sunset when the colours had mellowed.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





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