Banana Cinnamon Buns for Father’s Day Brunch


Today for Father’s Day we had my parents over for brunch and my husband made a very delicious batch of Banana Cinnamon Buns. So after everyone left I decided to photograph the leftovers.

Creating a good composition requires you to make several decisions. The first is camera angle – the angle from which you choose to shoot the subject.

What do you think is the most common camera angle used in food photography?

It’s typically between 45 to 60 degrees which is also the normal viewing angle for food. Food at this angle looks pretty boring.

So what is the best camera angle to use?

Well that depends on the type of food and how food is staged. The angle of choice depends on lot of different things.

The best advice my first photography teacher gave me was to explore my subject from as many different angles as possible. You have to work and explore your subject to find what makes it look beautiful.


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My husband has given me his adapted version of this recipe from Bon Eats.

Proof Yeast by mixing the following and waiting for 10 minutes:

2 ¼ teaspoons active dry yeast
½ cup milk (I use skim without a problem, heated to 105 to 115°F, warm but hot)
2 tablespoons light brown sugar

Mix together the following:

2 cups bread or all-purpose flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt
2 large overripe bananas, mashed
¼ cup butter, melted and cooled slightly

Mix either by hand or in a bread maker on the dough setting, the dough ball should be light and springy to touch and tacky to touch. Either follow the directions for the bread machine or knead for about 10 minutes and then let rise for about an hour or until double in size. Punch down and let rest for 5 minutes and then roll out into a 12 x 10 inch rectangle.

For the filling Blend together and then spread on the rolled out dough then sprinkle the raisins and walnuts on top:

½ cup packed light brown sugar
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ cup butter, room temperature
½ cup raisins
½ cup walnuts slightly crushed

Roll up, slice into 12 even slices and place inside a 9 inch pan and let rise. I let mine rise overnight (if you do then cover with plastic wrap) in the refrigerator so that they are good to go in the morning. Bake at 375C for about 25 minutes.

While it is cooling cover with the glaze:

Zest and juice from ½ lemon and add icing sugar until thickened

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