Busker @ ByWard Market


With summer comes buskers to the market. Unfortunately we only caught the tail end of this street performance. He was very entertaining between his acrobatics. The first of his feats was juggling 5 balls and catching one on the back of his neck. With the ball on his neck he performed a hand stand requiring a lot of strength and coordination. Next he found a volunteer from the audience who was a great sport. They did a warm-up practice to give us a little peek at what was to come. Then much hilarity followed when the busker cajoled the volunteer out of his shirt. Good thing the volunteer was also very fit.

Next he looked for 5 volunteers and got 3 right away. In fact the older boy never stopped grinning, he was thrilled to be part of the show. The busker had to ask several others before he got 2 more. He had a very funny intro to this trick which included warning the kids to keep their heads down. He jumped over the kids and everyone was thrilled and amazed. My photos capture the busker’s tricks as well as the reactions of the audience. I especially loved the woman with her hands full of flowers. Her expression was priceless. People were captivated for a short time by this busker. He was very good and we enjoyed what we saw of his performance.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.



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