Morning Tea


Lately we have been having a lot of rain which has weighted down any peonies that were blooming in my garden. On the plus side, the photos I have taken during breaks in downpours are full of raindrops. I was worried that I would completely miss seeing these beautiful deep red peonies in bloom so I brought them inside to enjoy. The morning sunlight was pouring over them when I took this photo. The loose petals were the first to drop and this flower arrangement did not last very long after.

I used the flash on my camera to provide fill light which most pros advise you to try to avoid. The colour image was very contrasty, which of course works very well for the black and white image.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




2 thoughts on “Morning Tea

  1. This is really nice, particularly in black and white. My eye is drawn alternately to the windows in the background and then to the curios still life arrangement on the table,

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