Yellow Iris


The yellow iris, or yellow flag iris, is a perennial aquatic plant native to Europe. It was first introduced to North America in the 1800’s and was found in Ontario in 1940. The yellow iris grows in wetlands, along river and lake edges, and on floodplains.


These large stands of yellow irises were along the banks of the Rideau Canal near Hog’s Back Falls. I had seen them while driving by and thought they were beautiful. But after a little research, I found that they are considered an invading species because they can displace native plants, change wetlands to a drier environment, reduce habitat available for wildlife and block water flow in irrigation and flood control ditches. And if that isn’t enough, the yellow iris is poisonous if eaten, and its sap can cause Dermatitis. I googled Dermatitis symptoms and as you would expect, its not a fun time. I still think yellow irises are beautiful, especially in large dense stands but I won’t be transplanting them any time soon!


I shot these handheld and in the evening. The light was beautiful but it was very windy and they are not as sharp as I would like. Also I should have caught them a little earlier. Now that I know where they are, I will probably try again next year.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.






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