Yellow Peony and Fruit


These images are a combination of flower, food and still life photography. It started with a peony that I brought in because the rain was pummelling it into the ground. Then I wanted to experiment with food photography but also include the peony. So I was working with the colours green, yellow and red. Hence, the limes, grapes, cherries and lemons. In the first still life I liked the lighting and the colours. After another search of the fridge I added the grapes. I did another simple arrangement then added the peony and more loose fruit. I think I would have liked it better without the loose fruit but for some reason I didn’t take that shot before I changed the still life.


These photos were about learning to set up with props and using indoor lighting. I used natural light from a window as well as one light with a diffuser. I was also experimenting with my depth of field (DOF). I read that most food photography is done with a shallow focus between f 3.5 and f 5.6 and most of these are, with the one exception. In the second peony still life everything is in focus because it was shot at f 11. Setting up your props and lighting can be very challenging but also lots of fun.


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4 thoughts on “Yellow Peony and Fruit

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