Eclection @ ByWard Market


Eclection is a unique women’s shop in the historic Byward Market Building. This boutique carries a varied selection of hats, jewellery, clothing and accessories, specializing in the work of Canadian artists and designers. The staff are students, artists, scholars and market characters. The store is a showcase of artistic chaos. I loved it. I first noticed a display of hats in the window that was open to the outdoors. I tried to capture the display but was not happy with the result. So I visited again hoping to retake the display but the store window was closed. So I poked my head into the store and asked to take photos. A very friendly staff member waved me in. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and these pictures are my attempt to capture some of the wonderful ambiance of this boutique.


These photos were taken indoors with sunshine coming through the windows. When processing I had to adjust my white balance. Since I shoot in RAW this is an easy fix.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


















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