I bought a Mamiya C220 with twin 55 mm wide-angle lens. It is a lightweight twin-lens reflex camera that was made in the early 1970s. The camera accepts 120 rollfilms. The rack and pinion focusing system with a bellows makes close-up photography possible. The straight film path has no sharp turns for absolute flatness of the film.


I bought it early in May and soon after emailed a fellow photographer and told him about my really cool purchase. I was going to experiment and try some black and white film. He emailed me around the end of June, asking how the Mamiya was working out for me. Well sadly, it was still sitting on a table with 2 rolls of film beside it. Since then, I have shot a roll of film and had it processed and scanned. My goals for this roll were to take 12 pics, hopefully in focus and at the right exposure. This is a photo from the first roll of film taken with my Mamiya.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





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