These photos were taken with my Mamiya C220. It was my first experience with this camera and shooting film so my goals were simple. I wanted to shoot the first roll of 12 images in focus and using the correct exposure. I chose simple compositions and things that would stay still while I learned how to focus with the camera. I don’t have a light meter so we brought along my D5000 to get the right exposure. It was a bit of a pain carrying around two cameras but it worked as the exposures turned out pretty good. I was very nervous sending these pics in for processing because there is no instant feedback telling you whether things were in focus or exposed correctly. I am of course used to instant feedback when I shoot digital so it was unnerving. I had to manually focus, set my aperture and shutter speed, (after consulting my d5000), wind the film to the next pic and finally press the shutter release. And of course, the shutter release is nothing like pressing the release on a digital camera. I had to use more force and often tipped the camera to the side so I thought all the pictures would be blurred and exposure blown or underexposed. I was pleasantly surprised that everything was in focus, although I did have to straighten a few pictures.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.



  I captured this barn while driving home, somewhere between Burritts Rapids and Ottawa.


  Christ Church Burritt’s Rapids which is located on County Rd. #2, 9km East of Merrickville at 4419 Donnelly Drive.


  Watson’s Mill is a unique 1860’s grist and flour mill located in Manotick, on the shores of the Rideau River.


6 thoughts on “Architecture

  1. The way that the light hits the grasses in the foreground of the barn photograph is very nice. There is a gradation there with more light and contrast to the center, then less as my eye moves towards the edges. Then there is a nice gradation of textures from top to bottom as well. The water in the mill photograph really catches my eye. All of these photographs have a timeless quality to them. Nice work!

    1. My husband had to stop and backup so I could take the barn shot from the road. Not a lot of options to set up a good composition when you’re on the side of a busy highway, so I’m happy with how it turned out. With all the rain this year, there is a lot of water in the Rideau which gave me some nice texture as it flowed over the weir. Always appreciate you thoughtful comments.

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