Mamiya @ Merrickville


This is my third post of images were taken with my Mamiya C220. The first was Roses and the second was Architecture. With the exception of Roses, which was taken in the evening after we got home from our day trip. The rest were all taken in Merrickville or on the way home. Merrickville is less than an hour’s drive from Ottawa and is considered by many historians to be Canada’s best preserved and restored 19th century village. One of the oldest settlements along the Rideau canal, a major feature in the village is the set of three locks on the Rideau Canal.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.



Holy Trinity Anglican Church, located a the corner of Church and Main St.






  Opening and closing of the locks by hand.




4 thoughts on “Mamiya @ Merrickville

  1. It is a long time since I shot film. I have a rolleiflex tlr made the year I was born. It has been sitting there on the shelf to two years. Time to dust it off methinks. By the way you should try your hand at developing the film yourself. The process for b&w is easy and it’s very rewarding.

  2. It’s long since I saw black and white photos. The photos look very nice, and thanks for sharing the info about this 19 century village and the set of three locks. Very interesting. Have a wonderful week!

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