Daylily @ Whitehouse Perennials


Daylilies are in bloom right now. This daylily was taken at Whitehouse Perennials in Almonte, Ontario. They are currently celebrating bloomfest 2013 until Sunday August 4th. We drove up late in the afternoon on a very sunny hot day. I was hoping for better light later in the day but the sun stayed very bright. I tried to shoot as much as I could in the short time we had as the gardens closed at 4pm. I shot with a diffuser in the sun and a reflector in the shade. My poor husband was very hot and tired of holding them up by the end of this short shoot. I concentrated on daylilies although the garden also has many other perennials in peak bloom during late July. The owners were very friendly and their website actually encourages you to bring your camera. It doesn’t get any better than that.


I haven’t posted lately because my husband decided to rebuild my computer from scatch to try to take care of some problems I was having. I also wanted to find a better way to organize and select my photos before I process them in Camera Raw and Photoshop. It was a big job to ensure that my photos were properly backed up so I could transfer them to whatever sorting and organizing software I settled on. I think I will be using Lightroom 5 for my initial sorting but that also means a whole new learning curve. I never seem to get ahead of the game and as I have said before good thing I have a husband who knows the technical details.


This is the same daylily from different points of view and depths of field. If you have a preference, let me know. It is alway hard to decide what is the best pic so any feedback is appreciated.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.






6 thoughts on “Daylily @ Whitehouse Perennials

  1. Perennial flowers will add beauty to many gardens. They do a great job of adding color, texture and long seasons of interest, but they can be expensive to buy in quantity.Beautiful shots i love the 3rd one.

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