Great Blue Heron @ Brown’s Inlet


I have seen a number of herons this year mostly from a far distance and usually flying away from me. We were taking an evening walk around Brown’s Inlet when my husband spotted a Great Blue Heron hunting in this small pond. The heron was feeding near the edge where there was lots of activity, people and dogs. He was moving slowly while looking intently in the water for prey. I was able to get a few good of shots of him before the dogs started barking and got a little to close. It was so amazing to see this bird in the city near lots of people. He was more tolerant of people especially children moving close to him than he was of the dogs. He was alert the whole time but especially if he thought the dogs were close. Unfortunately when a dog decided to run too close I was slightly behind the heron so I didn’t get a good shot of him in flight. I did however get a shot of him with a small appetizer in his beak.


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9 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron @ Brown’s Inlet

  1. The photos are lovely, Beth. They look really nice. Thank you for sharing. I have had an opportunity to see a Great Blue Heron at close range through your Camera!

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