Dancing and Bagpipes


It is amazing how much is happening in downtown Ottawa during the summer. We went out for an evening walk along the Rideau Canal to downtown. People were busy walking, running, biking and skating down the bike paths along the canal. When we reached downtown there were boats moving through the locks or docked for the night. I took pictures as we wandered from place to place. My last post National War Memorial (Canada) was taken in Confederation Square. “Bagpipes in the Park” was taken as we walked through Confederation Park and “Dancing the Salsa” was taken on the grounds of Ottawa City Hall where they were giving free Salsa lessons.


The funny thing is that I accidentally put my 35mm DX lens and not my 50mm prime lens on my full frame D600 camera when I took these pictures. It’s a short and embarrassing story as to how this came about. I knew something was up when taking these photos because my images were being cropped in camera and there was a reading in the info panel that I had never seen before and had no idea what it was for. At least now I will be able to recognize when I have a DX lens on my full frame camera and hopefully next time it will be there on purpose.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.



 Dancing the Salsa


 Bagpipes in the Park


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