Sunset over Sunflowers


I read in the newspaper that the sunflowers on the Experimental Farm in Ottawa were in bloom. Nature photography seems to be all about timing. I arrived at the plot where I thought they would be. It was early evening and the flowers were backlit which was great but there were not many in full bloom so I decided that I would return and take more another day. On my first visit I took mostly close-ups of single flowers, so on my second visit I wanted to try to get more in my frame and play with the setting light. This patch of sunflowers is located in a small fenced in area which made it hard to work with a tripod so I left it at home. That was an unfortunate decision when the sun started to set. But I did manage to take this of the sunset over the sunflowers handheld.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




2 thoughts on “Sunset over Sunflowers

  1. Wow this photo is so captivating and the sunflower silhouettes look so real against that orange background. I really love the photo. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing!

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