Frog in Reflection


Frogs camouflage themselves so well that often you hear them dive into the water before you see them. That was the case with this little guy. We knew he was somewhere in this pond but he was hard to spot. I first took his picture from standing height because I was afraid he would be gone in seconds. But then I slowly lowered myself until I was lying on the ground just on the edge of his little pond in Fletcher Wildlife Garden in Ottawa. Pros always advise you to try to get down to eye level with what ever you are shooting, whether it’s children or animals, because it usually gives you the best perspective. It definitely did in this case, all that icky camouflage in the pond is hard to see and capturing the reflection of the frog himself and the reeds around him make this something better than just a picture of a frog.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




8 thoughts on “Frog in Reflection

  1. The trouble you went to getting down like that next to the pond was well worth it !
    Fabulous photo . Frog and fronds perfectly colour matched 🙂

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