Autumn Reflections – Petrie Island


We’ve had a run of beautiful weather lately and finally were able to get out for a look at the fall colours. We decided to walk the trails at Petrie Island. As soon as we arrived someone was telling us of a heron sighting. All you have to do is have a camera and strangers are telling you where the wildlife is. It’s wonderful. Unfortunately, I had three sightings of Great Blue herons that day but didn’t capture any of them.


Petrie Island is on the Ottawa River but it has a lot of boggy stagnate water surrounding the island. This is great for the wildlife because it means lots of camouflage and food but it doesn’t look great in photos when you are looking for reflections. In this photo, there is a fair amount of leaves etc. in the water but I think it still works with the reflections. I wanted a softer focus to the trees and the water so as to emphasize the colours and reflections rather than the stuff floating in the water and the individuals leaves on the trees. The light and autumn colours are the focus of this image. As always, the image can be viewed in a larger format, so click on the picture if you would like to do so.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




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