Boardwalk Mer Bleue in Winter


This image was taken in February of 2011, another winter image taken on a very cold winter day. What was I thinking? All I can remember about this image was how cold I was by time I got my tripod up and took this picture. People still walk the boardwalk in the winter and the chickadees are still around looking for food. So if you visit the Mer Bleue Conservation Area in the winter, remember to bring some bird seed and you will have lots of company.


For those of you following me, you know that I have been trying to bring some order to my archives and have been revisiting some older images. I must admit it is like looking at them with new eyes and each of them have been reprocessed before posting. This one was cropped and converted to black and white. Click on the image to view in a larger format.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




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