A Pair of Canada Geese


Canada Geese are a common as dirt around here and they leave a terrible mess. So although I love cute fluffy little goslings, I’m not a fan of the adult geese. But all that aside, I still like to shoot them in flight and on the water. This pair was hanging out at Mud Lake Conservation Area in Ottawa.

© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




10 thoughts on “A Pair of Canada Geese

  1. Two dozen Canada Geese hang out in my neighbor’s horse pasture during December and January. They stay busy hunting and pecking, and occasionally scurrying about together. They do not enter my nearer vacant field. I suppose they might be drawn to the horse manure. They are always a welcome site.

  2. From being almost exterminated in the 1900s, to “common as dirt” is quite a success story for this species. Seems that we humans aren’t very good at playing the role of Mother Nature!

  3. The first few times I saw these down here in Tidewater Virginia, I was thrilled. It was like having guests or “tourists.” Only they like the climate down here so much that they don’t fly back to Canada. We have them year round, and they are becoming “as common as dirt” here as well. Your photograph conveys their “attitude” perfectly!

    1. With Ottawa being on their migratory path, we see more than our share in the spring and fall. I must admit seeing them return in the spring is fun and I love the goslings but come fall, very glad to see them go. Although they do seem to be staying longer every year with milder weather here too.

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