Light & Water Abstract.


This was one of my earlier efforts that I have revisited in my quest to bring order to my archives. I am very pleased with this image which I think is so much better than my first effort. I was taking photos by the Rideau River when I noticed the play of light on the water. It was a sunny summer day, early in the afternoon before I really understood how harsh the light can be during the day. However, it’s also a good example of how sometimes things work out despite what you know to be the rules. Because this is an abstract, I experimented with the white balance in order to warm up the colours. The water was also full of tiny dots of reflected light of which I removed. That was very time-consuming and had me, at times, questioning my sanity. But the end result is an abstract of the wonderful patterns of light reflecting off the water.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




12 thoughts on “Light & Water Abstract.

  1. Beautiful image.

    You’ve got a great photographer’s eye for catching the light and I love the close-ups you shoot.

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