A Starting Place for Food Photography


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I am enjoying discovering food photography. How can something that looks so easy be so challenging on so many fronts? These two images of my son’s favourite chocolate chip cookies were taken last June. For various reasons I do not process many of my images right away. I think it really helps to take some time especially when learning something new. As you gain some knowledge you are better able to judge your efforts.

Not used to shooting inside I had to play around a lot with my set up. I used natural light from a window and a reflector. The 1st and last images are cropped and I had to adjust the white balance. I have a long way to go but I wanted to share these early efforts. Kind of like setting a starting point where I can look back to access my progress.



The last image is a cropped version of the image above. Let me know if you have a preference. I thought I liked the cropped version best and now, I am not so sure.



17 thoughts on “A Starting Place for Food Photography

  1. Thanks for visiting my Blog, Beth. I just started trying out food photography recently but it’s so hard to get any natural light (in my dark flat).
    Your photos turned out exceptionally well in the post above.
    (I think I’ll just have to stick to dark, moody shots for my own food photography experiments).

    1. Dark and moody works for me. I’m working on some images right now and that what I’m going for. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m looking for some others like me who have just started food photography. Maybe we can learn together?

  2. Nice Shots, Keep it up. I have shot hundreds of commercial shoots of food for packaging and editorial and it is VERY challenging, but rewarding. The more you shoot the better you will become.

  3. Thanks of sharing all these wonderful photos. You leave me hungry indeed. Nothing like a nice mug of milk and cookies. Yummy. The photos look very nice.

  4. They all look so good and what fun to play around with. How patient with you was your son? I also prefer the cropped version, it concentrates the both the light and the appetite!

  5. Good luck with the new endeavor, Beth. I prefer the cropped version. I don’t think including the upper glass and the wall adds much and eliminating them makes a much tighter composition.

  6. That’s a good starting place… when I started food I was close up also, but better to pull away a bit, something I still need to remind myself …. it ain’t easy, very challenging, and can’t help but love it! you go girl ! your cookies look good !

  7. I have found that when I find a start a new category of photography (travel, kids, food) that it’s like learning how to take photos all over again. Always a good challenge!

    I prefer the cropped image. I think the glass of milk dominated the composition of the other photo a bit too much. I am looking forward to seeing more of your food photos!

    1. I totally agree on both counts. Food photography is very different and it is totally like starting at the beginning again. It definitely is a challenge but I will be able to take pictures in a nice warm house during the cold winter season. Good point about the glass. Hope you will lend me your valuable experience in the future. This was very helpful.

  8. Love this! Great shots. I like that you chose white styling props with the natural wood color–the cookies pop.

    My vote goes to the un-cropped version. I speak from VERY little experience, but it seems that showing the full-sized glass of milk allows for more of a story behind the photo. It completes the image, and it’s visually appealing even though a large part of the un-cropped version is out of focus.

    But I’d love to hear other’s opinions. 🙂

    Also, I want those cookies right now!

    1. Sorry Sarah, no cookies left. Thanks for taking the time to give me such excellent feedback. I don’t value your opinion any less because of your inexperience. All those foodies viewing magazines filled with food photography have little experience but they know what they like. I think you are right about the story, but I think I should have used a smaller glass and a better background too. Hope you won’t be shy with your opinion, this was very helpful.

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