Tarts from Le Moulin de Provence – Byward Market

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I love to eat and take pictures of food but cooking or baking is not a strength of mine. However, a side benefit of following a number of really good food photography blogs is that I can share a lot of new and delicious looking recipes with my husband who is the chef at my house or with my daughter who also loves to cook and works in a bakery too.




The ByWard Market is a wonderful place to take pictures. It has bakeries, restaurants, pubs, boutiques, artisans and a local farmers’ market. Le Moulin de Provence is a bakery in the Byward Market. I bought blueberry and Lemon tarts as well as a few other pastries that were eaten before I could photograph them.




Maple Leaf cookies are prominently displayed alongside photos of President Obama. If you look closely at the top photo of the bakery, you will see a picture of President Obama and staff from the bakery hanging on the wall.






I thought that these tarts could be served to company and so I set out the good china. I took this picture at different depths of field. Because the background is very busy and the dishes have an eye catching pattern, I think that I like the image with the shallow depth of field better. I think the saying “less is more” applies to this image, in that there are too many dishes in back ground competing with the tarts. Also the presentation of the lemon in the bowl could definitely be improved upon.




I changed to a neutral dish which worked well with a tighter focus on the tarts and of course, added some colour to the last picture.

This is a very new endeavour for me, so I am very open and appreciative of any constructive feedback on these images. I absorbed and hopefully used the helpful advice that I received on my first efforts, when sorting and processing these images. Some things I will keep in mind for the next time I set up a food photography shoot. So don’t be shy, let me know what you think.






Because I photographed these tarts over a number of sessions while I learned how to set things up. I had to put the tarts in the freezer which meant when they came out the blueberries had frost on them. I took pictures of them frosted and when the frost melted. I liked them best with frost.




14 thoughts on “Tarts from Le Moulin de Provence – Byward Market

  1. Superb lighting in these shots.
    Your food photography is excellent, especially as it’s made me very hungry and I missed lunch.

  2. You’ve done a fantastic job with the lighting ! They really look juicy tarts 🙂
    I love close ups like these Beth but our light seems to be very dreary at the moment and the cake I made is disappearing fast Lol so not too sure if it will ever grace my blog !

    1. Thank-you. A reflector helped me with the lighting and I froze the tarts to keep them away from sticky fingers. Sometimes it’s hard to get the food and the lighting lined up to shoot. Need to get the timing just right! 🙂

  3. Did Le Moulin de Provence give you any rebate? Next month we will make “oliebollen”
    and the photographer gets to take some home!!!!

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