Black and White Florals – Calla Lily

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When I first started taking pictures my subject more often than not were flowers. I still take pictures of flowers all the time but they seem to fall to the bottom of my list to process and post. With a winter storm bearing down on us it seemed like a good time to review my flower archives. All spring and summer I visit gardens to take pictures and in my neighbourhood there are some really beautiful gardens. So when I have a small window of time I will walk around the neighbourhood and take pictures. This Calla Lily was taken in the backyard of a neighbour of mine.




This Calla Lily was actually yellow but the colour images were disappointing to say the least. After converting one to black and white, I knew exactly where I was going with these images. There was a slight variation to each image but it was essentially the same process and I had fun doing it. I’m becoming more confident about what I looking for when shooting and when processing an image. Especially with flowers. I think I have a good eye for a floral composition and I make sure to work my subject. This is easier with flowers, since they are not going anywhere so you have time to set up your shot.




These are a little more processed than I usually do but sometimes you have to think outside the box and see where things take you. I wanted to have some black and white florals and the Calla Lily turned out to be a very good subject. One thing I like about I posting on a blog is that I can include a number of images. I usually place what I think are the best images, first and last. This time, however, I think I like the first and third images best. Love to hear what you think. Remember to click on the image to see a larger format.




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