Underneath Snow-Covered Branches


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


These three images are of the same scene but very different. I like all of these images for different reasons. Since I have been getting such wonderful and helpful comments on other posts, I thought I would solicit your help in selecting the best of these images. The model in these images is my son and I often try to catch him in my frame to give a sense of scale or to place a person in the picture.




In this first image, my son is looking back at me, waiting patiently for me to stop photographing whatever has caught my eye along the trail. I let him get ahead of me, which is not hard with those long legs of his, so I could capture him walking through this tunnel of snow covered branches. Even though his face is blurred, this image worked for me best in colour.




Because my son is wearing a black jacket and has his back to me, I decided to convert these images to black and white. In the second image, the snow-covered branches in the foreground are in focus and my son is not. In the last image my son has walked farther away in the frame but he is in focus and the long tunnel of snow-covered branches are not.




I have been thinking of catching this scene for weeks now. We rediscovered these trails in the Hunt Club Woods in the fall, but the leaves had already dropped. As soon as we had our first snowfall, I was on the trail with this image in mind. Because it was still snowing I took my second camera (D5000) and put my 50mm lens on. I have to manually focus with this combination and that was a fun challenge. It’s amazing how little has to change to make you feel like you are a beginner all over again.



6 thoughts on “Underneath Snow-Covered Branches

  1. Wow, these are so….dreamy. I love the first one, too. But I think my personal favorite is the second to last! Funny you posted these–we had a really bad ice storm blow through Texas last night, so we’re covered in white ice. It put me in the mood to collect some “white winter” inspiration photos for my blog. Would you mind if I used one of these as part of that inspiration board? Of course, I’ll credit you. 🙂 Either way is fine, no pressure!

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