My Latest Adventure With Food Photography – Red Pepper Soup


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When red peppers are fresh and plentiful in the fall, we often make a soup with them. I shot the photos of the process while my husband, the chef of this household was making the soup. And more recently I took the first and last images of the finished product.


I started to look for props during the summer. I had read a few articles by food photographers who shot in their own studios. They had fairly large inventory of dishware but only one or two pieces of a set. After viewing various food photography blogs, I had a good idea of what I was looking for. It is really amazing what you can find at local thrift and consignment shops. I found some real treasures and added a number of things to my kitchen that I thought would look good in my food photography shots.



















This is a learning experience for me and as I mentioned I took the shots of the process when my husband was cooking. This was very disruptive for the both of us. In the future I think I will try to take a few photos of the ingredients before and separately from shooting the process or final product. I don’t know what can be done to improve the shooting during the cooking. I fear that I will continue to be a nuisance for my husband at times.


It was a time-consuming process setting up the first and last shots of the final product. I set up all the props before adding the food. But it was still a race to get the shot before the food was worse for wear. I can only image what it is like to shoot ice cream under hot lights. I found myself making constant changes to the presentation even after I thought I was set up. Between the lighting, preparation and presentation of the food, this type of photography has been the most challenging yet.


I hope you will let me know what you think of this effort. Any words of advice with the shooting, presentations or final pics are always appreciated.



16 thoughts on “My Latest Adventure With Food Photography – Red Pepper Soup

  1. I love the composition in the first shot – it’s just right. The way it is set out looks appetizing, natural and believable (and doesn’t look contrived like so much food photography).

    I also love the second photo with the garlic, onions and capsicums. The colours, composition and lighting are all excellent.

  2. beth these are some of the best food photos I have seen in a while. It is also amazing you did your own styling, that is half the challenge. All the food looks appetizing and fresh, the one on the bottom is my favorite. I would love to see a version of the bottom photo with only the three items on the diagonal in the photo. The color on the soup or sauce is very striking and I think those three elements could carry the photo without the pies and cup of white sauce. Great work!

  3. It looks like you may be using sour cream already, as it doesn’t bleed like single/light cream. And you’ve chosen a great colour to work with. Like you say at the end of your post it’s the most challenging photography I’ve ever tried – and most days I’m failing miserably!

  4. Gorgeous! My fave is the second. Love the strong colors and depth of field. Something about the out-of-focus background gives the image character. Also keen on the shot with the chopped carrots and onions–love the aged pan!

  5. These are great photographs! For me, there are two things that stand out.

    First, everything is very neat and tidy (no splashes or dribbles) and yet, I know these aren’t super “posed” photographs just for the appearance. (A lot of magazine photographs look that way.) I can tell someone is going to eat this when the photographs have all been taken!

    Second, I think I could make this just by looking at the sequence of photographs. That’s sort of like saying, “I feel like I’m right there in the kitchen with your husband.”

    1. You are right, we did eat it as soon as I was finished and it was delicious. I love that you felt pulled right into the kitchen with my husband. He would be glad for the company. 🙂 As is often the case with your comments, you inspire me to look at my photography from a different perspective which I very much appreciate.

  6. A wonderful set of shots Beth – the food looks so fresh, bright, appetizing and, if it is any consolation, it all looks so effortless, not to mention inspiring! Well done to you both!

    (Love your new theme!)

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