Playing with Sunlight


Flowers themselves are so beautiful in any state: budding, blooming or in decline. And it is because they are so beautiful in reality that they are challenge to photograph. I always try to enhance my images of flowers by using back or side light. These flowers were taken the same evening as my last post Vibrant Yellow Daisy Flowers. The difference being that all of these flowers had gone to seed. So my goal was to enhance these images by playing with the strong rays of sunlight that covered these flowers. The compositions are also of multiple flowers filling the frame. I find that this is a greater challenge than singling out one flower in a composition. As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.


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13 thoughts on “Playing with Sunlight

  1. Beautiful photos! You’ve captured the light so well. I find it very challenging to photography outside in the strong sun. Do you have any advice about this for me?

    1. Hey Stephanie. Shooting in strong sunlight is challenging for everybody but rewarding when it works. Just experiment and be aware of your histogram so that you don’t blow your highlights unless you want to of course.

      Don’t be intimated by light. Just be aware of what kind of light your are dealing with and where that light is. Here’s a link about Natural light photography that I have found helpful:

      Hope this helps…Beth

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