Nature at Mer Bleue Bog


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Either I am getting better at capturing images that are good enough to post or I’m getting a little less discriminatory when making my choices. Probably a little of both. With all the recent inclement weather and this brutal cold, I have more time to process some of the pictures I took when the weather was very nice. These images were taken last fall, during a hike on one of the trails around Mer Bleue Bog. I have been to this bog many times and always find something new to photograph.


The landscape and lighting change continuously. One minute you are walking through the bog on a boardwalk and the next surrounded by forest or fields. I shot handheld and at times, had to increase my ISO to 3200 in order to get a high enough shutter speed. This was very noticeable when processing these pictures. Some images become very grainy, so I applied noise reduction in Lightroom which is something I have never done before. I think this worked well with some subjects such as the leaves and the mushrooms.


Two of my images have flare which I usually try to avoid but was unable to this time. I was on a small bridge over this boggy water and had little room to maneuver. But I kinda like the flare in these images so I went with them this time. Hope you enjoy your visit to Mer Bleue Bog.





















10 thoughts on “Nature at Mer Bleue Bog

  1. I keep coming back to visit the photograph of the fern leaves with the blurred path in the background. To me, it says, “Come and explore down here. You can take that path later.” The maple leaves are very nice as well. What I like about them beyond the colors is that you have photographed them from an angle (without the easily recognized standard maple leaf shape). This slight shift from the ordinary (or expected) causes my eye to examine the leaves that much more closely. A very nice set of photographs!

    1. That fern photo is my favourite. I love your descriptions of what you see when looking at a photograph that has caught your eye. I know I have done something good after I read your comments. Thank you so much for taking the time.

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