Nature in Black and White at Mer Bleue Bog


These images were processed at the same time as my last post Nature at Mer Bleue Bog but, for various reasons, I decided to convert them to black and white. Sometimes it was the contrast in the picture or the colours were not working for me or I wanted more detail. If you have any preferences, let me know. It is always helpful especially when I can’t decide between more than one picture of the same subject.


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19 thoughts on “Nature in Black and White at Mer Bleue Bog

  1. The seed heads work really well in B&W.
    Personally I think the leaf photos work better in colour. As red and green are pretty much the same tone they can look a bit ‘flat’ in mono – somehow the ‘life’ seems to be lost when the colour is removed.

    1. Thanks so much for this Noeline. I often ask for constructive comment and so rarely receive any. This is very helpful. I really liked the perspective on these leaf photos and the colour was not working so I thought I would try bw. But having a second look with your comment in mind, I would have to agree. I just posted another nature b/w and would appreciate any feedback if you feel inclined.

      1. Happy to help 🙂 I think it a shame that people don’t offer constructive critique – such a potentially valuable resource wasted! Having said that, I’ve also seen a few bloggers get pretty upset at people criticising their posts so maybe we generally act on the side of caution ….
        I too liked the perspective of your leaf photos – unlike you I thought the colours were good! Maybe you didn’t quite get the composition or depth of field that you needed to show what you wanted …..?

        1. I have found that too. Most people just want you to tell them how good their work is. How do you grow from that? These photos are different from the colour leaf ones, although they had a similar side view perspective. I think I was attached to them because they were the only red coloured leaves I had taken this fall. But they did not work in either. Sigh! But that is good to know.

  2. Love the last photo of the bridge. You’ve got the foreground exposure just right and I like the well-lit bridge taking up more of the frame. (whereas the first image looks a wee bit too dark in the foreground and the bridge doesn’t catch the eye as much).

    Looks like a lovely place to go for a walk, Beth.

    Do you take a small tripod on these walks or are these all handheld shots?

    1. Thanks Vicki for such helpful feedback. I agree that the foreground should be lightened to improve that image. I couldn’t decide on which bridge image I liked so your preference is good to know.

      It’s a wonderful place to walk. More often than not I shoot handheld on these walks because I often go with family and want to shoot quickly and more on. But my dirty little secret is that if I know the light is bad I will ask my husband to carry my tripod. Even then, sometimes I don’t use it, I just increase my ISO to shot handheld. My Nikon D600 is really good at higher ISO. Whereas when I shoot with my second camera D5000, I use my tripod more often.

  3. I like the first image Beth … a feeling of stepping into the unknown . Think the black and white suits the scene well .

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