Nature covered in Ice and Raindrops – BW


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These are the photos that I decided to try to convert to black and white. They were taken at the same time as my previous post “Nature Covered in Ice and Raindrops“. I convert my images to black and white for various reasons. Most of the time, I’m just experimenting and trying things out. If you have a preference or not, I appreciate any constructive feedback on my images. Let me know what you think. Remember to click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.













14 thoughts on “Nature covered in Ice and Raindrops – BW

  1. It seems there are as many opinions as there are photos! At the end of the day, that’s all they are, opinions. The benefit of varying opinions is that seeing other people’s views helps to refine our own and our understanding of what we do/don’t like and where we want our photography to go.
    My favourite is the last one; I’m a fan of the minimalist anyway but I also like the dof you’ve used and your point of focus. If I was to be really critical then maybe moving round a little to the right would have been better …. this would lose the really blurred heads in the background (more minimal!) and reduce/remove the overlap of the first two heads.
    I like the concept of your first shot but somehow it doesn’t quite work for me – and I can’t work out why I’m afraid. I like the ‘framing’ in the dark background. Maybe it’s because it’s not quite ‘symmetrical’ – or not far enough off to be dramatic …. don’t know – sorry 😦
    I think the ‘shepherd’s crook’ works better in colour. For me the interest lies in the pale colours through the ice. Somehow it looks a bit flat and ‘dirty’ in B&W.
    The pine needles work well in B&W. Again, being critical I’d try darkening the background a little to boost the contrast between the needles and their surroundings so that they have a little more ‘pop’.
    Hope I haven’t overstepped the mark but please feel free to slap me down if I have! 🙂

    1. It’s true, there are many opinions and I think that is great. I like the last one best too but I also think you are correct. A better perspective would have been a little to the right. 😦
      The rest of your critique is spot on too. I like the concept of the first one too. I think that the icicle is too large in the frame. With the icy conditions that day I couldn’t move back so I tried to compensate by moving it off centre and hoped this would work. But your right it doesn’t quite work.
      By consensus, for different reasons, most every one agrees that the shepards crooks do work better in colour.

      Noeline, I must say you are excellent at providing constructive critiques. You gave me great feedback in a very positive way and in no way were you too critical.

      1. Thanks 😀
        I must admit, it’s a pretty good exercise for me too as it makes me think properly about how/why something ‘works’ or not rather than just accepting it. When I critique my own work it tends to be “yes/no” rather than “why” …. time to try the same thing on my own stuff!

    1. Thanks Robert. I continue to experiment…nature in black and white is very challenging because I think most of the time it looks best in colour. Although having said that there’s a ton of nature photos in Ansel Adams’ work. Sigh!!

  2. 3rd & 4th images are lovely in B & W.

    The 5th image makes me a wee bit dizzy looking at it. It’s like when I have an eye test and the Optician uses a lens that’s too strong for my myopia. But that’s just my opinion. People with good eyesight mightn’t get that effect. I like the branches though.

    I like the 1st & 2nd subjects but not the backgrounds. The first background is a wee bit dark and distracting in the bottom half of the frame. The second one is a wee bit too light in the background. Once again, that’s just my opinion.

    I rather like the last image too – I like the focal point on the middle seed heads.

    Thanks for sharing these, it’s good to see a variety of images with varying focal points. So many photographers just post the one good image – I like to see several images (most of the time). It helps me in my own photography.

    1. I totally agree, this blog is about learning to get better and if I only show what I consider to be my best work and everyone tells me how wonderful it is…how can I grow from that? So thank you very much Vicki for taking the time and though it is only your opinion it matters just as much as the rest.

  3. OK, that’s easy for me. Love 3 and 5. love the composition of 3, coming from the left and circling towards the middle. love the bokeh also, I pick anything with bokeh more than not. #5 same reason…. 6 is just a little washed out. do it again !

    1. OK Michelle, say what you really think! Actually, I love that you know exactly what you like and it’s not everything. I have to disagree about 6 though. You are right there is a problem but I think it is the perspective. Noeline Smith pointed out in her comment that a lot of the problems with this image could have been fixed if I had just moved a little to the right. Sigh…I think she is right. I tried darkening the image but I lost all the detail at the top of the seed pods. So I think I won’t do it again. But thanks, really appreciate your comments.

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