Nature Covered in Ice and Raindrops


Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




One never knows what the weather will be like one day to the next. We have had our share of brutal cold temperatures and dramatic shifts to warm temperatures. Tons of snow and freezing rain. Not many opportunities to go outside. There was a very small window of opportunity recently after a freezing rain storm and before the warm rain. I looked out my window and everything was frozen, the driveway, the road and sidewalks, but it was warming up. I could see the ice coating the tree branches and was determined to get outside. It was extremely slippery but I knew there would be some great pictures to be had if I could just get down my driveway. I started taking pictures around my house and then down the street to the woods nearby. The road was so slippery I had to walk on top of the snowbanks for fear of falling and slipping under a passing car if I stayed on the road.


Very soon it started to drizzle and by time I was on my way home, it was raining very hard. I had to carry my camera inside my coat to protect it from the rain. So I would take a picture and put the camera back in my coat each time. In the end, both myself and my camera were more than a little soggy. But we both dried out. The next day the ice had melted. The window of opportunity was gone. I’m so glad that I went out.


I decided to use my 70-300mm lens and shot handheld. There was no way I could take any other equipment with me. The lighting was a challenge so I shot as wide open as I could. I was constantly adjusting my ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed. I had to be careful not to blow my highlights eventhough it was very overcast because snow was often the backdrop. I was very happy with the number of good photos from this outing. There were two images that I would have liked to include but I had such trouble with the white balance and trying to make the snow white that I just deleted them. Hope you like the results of my little adventure and as always let me know if you have any preferences.

























21 thoughts on “Nature Covered in Ice and Raindrops

  1. Wonderful photos you share here Beth . I particularly love the image of frozen crab apples with a subdued crimson colour and the ‘shepherds crooks ‘ πŸ˜‰

  2. You did exceptionally well to capture those raindrops in the last few images with the camera hand-held.
    I like 6,8,10 & 11, especially number 6 where you can see a tiny tree(?) in the raindrop.

    I have a plastic rain sleeve for my DSLR but have never really tried to take photos in the rain (only fine misty rain). I’m paranoid about getting the DSLR & lenses wet. Even walking home I hug it to my front & shoulder under the umbrella.

    Even if I get misty rain on the telephoto lens, I always dry it and leave it ‘extended’ overnight on the table to ensure it’s fully dry before I put it away.

    1. A tiny tree, maybe…it is very tiny but very possible. Thanks for your preferences. I too have a plastic rain sleeve that I bought after the last time I got caught in the rain. I just never seem to have it when I need it and I was not turning back to get it that day. I am paranoid about getting them wet too. But I just kept thinking about the stories that I have heard about people taking there camera’s hell and back and they still work fine. So I reined in my anxiety and pushed ahead and I’m very glad I did.

  3. Beautiful, as always. My favorite is the fourth shot. I think it’s the deep read and the composition. I love reading your entries, especially when you discuss your challenges and how you overcame them by making setting adjustments. I always learn something from you!

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