Scenes From Around the Château Laurier – Ottawa


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




These images were taken last summer when the weather was warm and beautiful. A tour of downtown Ottawa would not be complete without photos of the Fairmont Château Laurier. The hotel was designed in the French Gothic Châteauesque style to complement the Parliament buildings. It stands above the Rideau Canal locks and overlooks the Ottawa River and Major’s Hill Park. Given its proximity to some of the capital’s most important landmarks and the fact that it has served as a home and meeting place for many notable political figures over the years, the hotel has often been referred to as “the third chamber of Parliament”. The hotel was designated a national historic site in 1980.




The landmark Fairmont Château Laurier hotel has a limestone edifice with turrets and masonry reminiscent of a French château.






Activity around the front entrance including a bride and her attendants.




The building is the Commissariat Building Bytown Museum, a small museum located on the lower locks of the Rideau Canal just below Parliament Hill and across from the Château Laurier. The Commissariat Building’s structure is the oldest existing stone building in Ottawa, Ontario.




The Rideau Canal Locks located between the Château Laurier and the Parliament Buildings.






These girls are on a stone walkway on the grounds of the Château Laurier. The view is looking across the Ottawa River to Canadian Museum of History. This is Canada’s national museum of human history.






This last photo was taken from Major’s Hill Park. Click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.



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