Floating Feather




Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


This is a swan feather floating on the water. It was taken on a summer evening in 2012. If I recall we were kayaking the Rideau River when we came upon the swans. Eventhough I really like the colour image, I still wanted to see what it would look like converted to black and white. These images look fantastic on my large screen. Please click on the image to see the larger version. In my humble opinion, even the larger version presented here is not big enough. On my monitor, I like the bw version best. In this post and smaller format, I have to go with the colour version. Do you have a preference or is this format just too small to do this image justice?




22 thoughts on “Floating Feather

  1. It’s a tough choice but I the colour version just gets it for me as the feather stands out more clearly. Projectbuddy’s explanation is interesting and ‘the story’ is an aspect I feel I need to work at/understand better.

  2. Touch choice Beth . . . . both have their own special attractions but if I could put one up on my wall it would be the b&w. Although I love the subtle deep green tones in the color version . . .

  3. Lovely image! They both look so good but I think I prefer the colour image. I think maybe because the colour version captures the colour of the evening light and gives a sense of time.

  4. I prefer the color version, which appears to be almost sepia-toned on the monitor that I am using right now. The reason has to do with how I interpret the photograph of the single feather. To me, this is a photography about the fragile nature of life.

    In the color version, the white of the feather is different from the white of the water; in the black and white version, both whites are almost identical. I think that this is what makes it stand out more to me. This extra degree of contrast makes the feather seem to struggle more against being taken into the water. It does not want to be defeated by the water since it was made for the air.

    One other comment…in the WordPress Reader only this much of the text appears: “This is a swan feather floating on the water. It was taken on a summer evening…”

    From quick my reading of the words and viewing of the photograph, I immediately thought of the swan as what was taken rather than the picture. Perhaps again from the interpretation of this being about the fragile nature of life (and you have shared some really awesome photographs of ferocious wolves!)

    1. One thing that I have to work on more and that I think would improve my photography is being more aware of the story of certain images. You have outlined a wonderful story for this image. As always thanks so much for taking the time.
      As for the wolves, I quite like those images too. πŸ™‚

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