Street Art on the Plaza Bridge Stairs


This colourful street art was displayed on the steps of the Plaza Bridge in downtown Ottawa. The blurred cyclist and the colourful street art stand out against a neutral background. I took this at f8 in order to get all of the painting in focus and at the very low shutter speed of 1/40 in order to blur the cyclist. Taking these things in account worked out nicely but the main problem with the image was that the foliage above the stairs was overexposed. As a result, my eye was drawn away from the cyclist and street art to the sunlit foliage at the top. My solution was to convert this part of the image to black and white which allowed it to blend back into the neutral background.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





10 thoughts on “Street Art on the Plaza Bridge Stairs

  1. Fabulous art – I’ve never seen art on steps like this before but hope to see more!
    I think you did really well with the idea and execution of the moving cyclist which adds context and energy to the picture …. and either you set it up totally or you were lucky with the colours! 🙂 The blue and yellow ‘theme’ works really well.
    An alternative to your B&W conversion would be to crop the top off on the line of the top step. The trees etc. don’t really add anything to the image and the colour breaking through the ‘frame’ adds an extra dynamism (for me anyway!).

  2. I’ve never seen street art on steps before, Beth – absolutely amazing (to me who’s seen quite a lot of street art around the CBD).

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