Hiking Mer Bleue Bog


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




These images were taken last fall during a hike in Mer Bleue Bog in Ottawa. The toad in the first image is very tiny. In fact I didn’t see him at all with my bad eye sight. My husband had to point him out and even then I had such trouble locating him but then he jumped and I saw the movement. The light was very bad so I had to shoot at a very high ISO and use my flash for fill light.




The wildflowers were lining the path and across the field and behind the pond the reeds and trees were ablaze with autumn colour.




The light was very challenging. I was either shooting where it was too dark or into the sun. This bit of boardwalk and grass was illuminated for a very short time. I turned back to see this light and take this picture. On the way back sun had shifted and everything was in shade.




It seems like I took this picture of maple leaves a few times last autumn. But I liked the bokeh background and colour of the leaves this time.




This image of the milkweed seeds bursting at the seams was taken on the way back in fading light. So again I shot it at a high ISO and used my flash for fill light. I don’t do that often but my shutter speed was too low to shoot handheld and I think it worked out very well.



12 thoughts on “Hiking Mer Bleue Bog

  1. Love the bokeh and light behind those Maple leaves.
    I can’t spot small things either, but I can spot the smallest movement on a still background.
    My left ear is doing deaf, but I can hear the faintest rustle in the undergrowth of a bird moving around.

    Fascinating how our senses adapt (when one of them deteriorates).

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