Camera Shy West Highland Terriers


We were walking to Brown’s Inlet when I saw these West Highland Terriers (or Westies) enjoying the evening outside their home. I walked by and turned back to take their picture. Every time I put the camera to my eye to take a picture, the dog sitting up would turn his head away. Finally, I decided that he just didn’t want to look into the camera.

I like this picture because this dog made me laugh. But also, I like that these guys spend their summer evenings watching what’s happening on their street. There are dishes on the railing, maybe supper and now its time to relax. Let me know if this is just a boring pet shot or does the story work for you?


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




14 thoughts on “Camera Shy West Highland Terriers

  1. Great Picture !! but these are not Scottish Terriers. These are Westies, another type of terrier.
    The Scottie has a much bigger head compared to body, much higher stickup pointed ears and they are never white : they can be black, wheaten (a sort of beige), or brindle (grizzled grey). These two are lovely Westies, the head is round, the ears shorter, and these two need a bath to show off their white fur… they also have a sweeter look than the formidable Scotties.

  2. I think it’s great! As with 5daysago I think the background is a little busy but not a lot you could do about that – maybe crop just below the banister railing? …..
    I actually like the fact that he’s not looking at us – it makes me wonder what he IS looking at! I really like the texture you’ve brought out in his fur and that expression is fantastic!

  3. There’s no such thing as a boring pet shot (or boring any other subject shot).
    Personally, I think any subject is interesting in a photo, depending on the creativity of the photographer.

    I have trouble getting any bird or animal to look my way, some days. So I sympathise with you on this aspect.

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