Antique Look


I love taking pictures of winged seed pods even though they can be a bit of a challenge. Since I was using my 70 to 300mm lens, I could not get as close as I would have liked to isolate the seed pods. The original image was very busy with too many leaves and seed pods but I liked the flow and the negative space. I used the antique monochrome preset in Lightroom which created softer focus to the image. Click on the image to enlarge for better viewing. Let me know what you think of this crop and the processing. You have to trust me that the original colour image was not better. 🙂


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




8 thoughts on “Antique Look

  1. The antique effect is very effective. To me, the seed pods almost look as if they are made of thin metal like gold leafing. The background effect really creates depth, not just from being out of focus but also from the gradation from dark to light, particularly in the upper left corner. Without color, form is going to be more noticeable, so for me, you need the feeling of depth in the background to balance form seen in the seed pods. This works very well to me.

  2. The monotone looks great Beth.

    I know what you mean when you say colour is not necessarily better. I might have cropped more of the left hand side off where it’s really dark, though (regardless of the shape of the resulting image). It draws you eye away from the lovely seed pods a bit. But that’s just my opinion. Others might not feel the same way.

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