Ducks at Brown’s Inlet


This image was taken last summer during an evening walk around Brown’s Inlet. As I remember the weather was warm and beautiful which seems like such a long time ago. All I can see out my window today is tons of white snow and it doesn’t look like it is going to melt any time soon. The ducks were a fair distance away and I was shooting handheld with my 70 to 300mm lens. The sunlight shining directly on them resulted in blown highlights. Despite this, I like the composition and the effect of the direct sunlight. Do you think this image still works or not?


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.





6 thoughts on “Ducks at Brown’s Inlet

  1. It works for me! In an ideal world I guess knocking the exposure back a little to retain as much detail in the highlight areas as possible would be better. I love the ‘pose’ of the ducks and the static central composition with them in the spotlight works really well. Lovely!

    1. I am very glad to hear it! I was hoping that the artistic elements were enough to allow the viewer to disregard the lacking technical elements that should have been corrected by a better photographer. Oh well…maybe next time. 🙂

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