Another Flower Comparison


One of my goals in flower photography is to shoot multiples when possible. For me, isolating a single flower is much easier. How does one bring order or find a composition within the multiples of blooms? This, for me, is much more difficult to see and accomplish.


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The last time I asked for feedback on a flower comparison, everyone liked the colour image hands down. Well hard to argue with that. So I have included the colour image but I have to admit that I processed it last. I am not a fan of yellow flowers not quite sure why. Maybe because I tend to get an image filled with yellow and green colour that doesn’t appeal to me. So these are the images that I tend to experiment with monotone and split tones.




I also like the effect of bokeh in my backgrounds. But sometimes this can backfire and the background competes with the subject. In this case, the shapes of the petals are harder to see. Processing in monotone definitely helps to isolate the flowers from the background.




I very much like this antique tone preset from Lightroom. I always tweak it a little, adding a little more clarity, so the focus is not as soft as the preset would have made it. Let me know what you think. Does the colour win hands down again or are there some fans of the conversion images? Remember to click on the images to enlarge for better viewing. All the better for a good comparison. Thanks everyone…I appreciate your honesty and constructive comments.



17 thoughts on “Another Flower Comparison

  1. I prefer the three contrasting layers of the . . . . colour version! The flowers occupy more of the foreground with a soft cushion of the light and green framing the background. As good as LR is it can drive you crazy with all the choices but then that is part of the fun as well!

  2. It’s the last one for me as the softer tones seem to work better. Is it worth trying curves or something to increase the contrast a tad and bring the petals out a little more?
    As you say, photographing groups of flowers is quite tricky. Somehow you need to find a pattern or grouping within the group to create a focal point/area. This isn’t a bad effort with the ‘smile’ of heads in the centre (don’t know how else to describe them!) and the fall off down to the right which gives some sort of structure. You’ve set yourself quite a challenge!

  3. I must agree with you, it’s hard to shoot many flowers…. but job well done! and it’s hard to say my favorite. I think I like #1, #3, then #2 … getting Spring fever.

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