Mostly Multiples – Berries, Wildflowers and Mushrooms


Last summer one of my goals was to shoot multiples when possible. Seeing a composition within multiples can be very challenging. The following images were taken during an evening walk around the Arboretum and the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, which are both located within the Experimental Farm in Ottawa.


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




I have seen these purple wildflowers lining the paths almost everywhere that we hike in the Ottawa Valley. They are grouped together in great bunches of color.




The light was intense and very beautiful that evening. It allowed me to have beautiful backlighting and bokeh in my images.




There are many varieties of fruit trees in the Arboretum. In spring, they flower and in fall there are berries.






There are plenty of crab apple trees in the arboretum too.




The tree fungus was in the shade and because I was shooting handheld, getting a good picture was challenging. I found that the focus was soft and had to give the images a good sharpening.




Tree Fungus or mushrooms have wonderful shapes, texture and earthy colours to them.




These flowers are done for the season. But the bunches of green seed heads still have wonderful texture and colour to them.




My collection would not be complete without dried up burrs. They of course are ready to attach themselves to clothes or dogs, of which they are many running through the arboretum and gardens.




They are a number of ponds in the arboretum. My eye was caught by the warm evening light and shadows as well as the reflections in the pond.




These are the same purple wildflowers. The black background makes for a more dramatic image. The yellow flowers are a bit distracting but I could not isolate them out. I think it still works because the focus is soft and more about abstact colour rather than distinctive shapes. Did you think it works or not? Let me know your preferences if you have any and remember to click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.



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