Loon @ Lyndhurst Lake


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




We like to take daytrips within a 2 hour radius of Ottawa and find water to kayak that has little boat traffic. I have learned to enjoy the outing and not worry about taking pictures. Many times, I strap the camera to the front of my kayak and never take it out. Last summer we had taken a number of trips that I did just that, the wildlife was too far away or took flight or dived before I would have been able to use my camera. Our trip to Lyndhurst Lake was very different. We spotted lots of wildlife.


My favorite is always the loons. I love their call and we often hear them on the water and spot them for a moment before they dive and disappear to soon reappear across the lake, some place very far away for us.




That day the return trip was into the sun and it was very bright. I had stopped to take some pictures of a heron that I spotted along the banks of the lake. My son and husband paddle in a canoe and they had gone ahead, again leaving me behind not knowing that I had stopped to photograph something. Two guys in a canoe, on the way home can really make good time. By time I was finished they were no where in sight. So I was paddling hard, blinded by the sun, trying to catch up when I practically paddled over a loon. I was so excited and started to take pictures right away because I thought that he would dive almost immediately. But he didn’t and I tried to drift closer. At first, he was in shade and I can’t remember why he found the only bad light on the lake considering I had just about been blinded by the light and hadn’t seen him. But soon I realized that he wasn’t going to dive and I waited for him to swim into the light, which he did.





13 thoughts on “Loon @ Lyndhurst Lake

  1. You were well rewarded Beth with a perfect moment caught before I guess he took off as quick as a flash ! And I bet your paddle home was at top speed to see what was on your camera 😉

  2. How exciting to be so close.
    The water must have been very still to get such sharp focus on the bird – well done.
    (I keep imagining you paddling and the water sending out ripples).

    1. That is exactly what happens…I am always ruining the reflections. But I see alot more wildlife then I would from shore and yes, it is very exciting when they let me get close. But it is never really close…it’s usually 70 to 300mm lens close. 🙂

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