Art in Motion


Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




I have seen a lot of herons since I started kayaking. Most flying in a direction away from me before I have even spotted them. They are amazingly hard to see in the foliage along the banks. I spotted this Great Blue heron and started clicking as I glided towards him. But soon I was stuck in the muck and seaweed. I had to put my camera on my legs, paddle a bit closer, then take more pictures. The heron completely ignored me as I tried to get closer. Soon I was too close for comfort and he started moving quickly along the bank. He stopped a few times before taking off.




I have plenty of pictures of this heron standing on the bank which I will process for some future post. But I liked these shots of the heron in flight so I processed them first and decided to post them separately. Because panning from a kayak is challenging, I seem to be capturing something closer to special effects or art in motion than clear pictures of a heron in flight. This image is completely blurred and there is a ghosting effect around the heron. While I love the effect, I am also viewing this image in a very large format. Be sure click on these images for better viewing.



14 thoughts on “Art in Motion

  1. Closer than I’ve ever managed! The abstract effect is interesting and the second shot works really well. The ‘uniformity’ of the background helps the heron stand out clearly and you’ve caught him in a perfect ‘pose’. Happy kayaking πŸ™‚

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