Shorebirds @ Lyndhurst Lake


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




When we kayak Lyndhurst Lake, we paddle across the lake to Lyndhurst Creek. Lyndhurst Creek is very shallow in places and has a lot of exposed rock where small shorebirds hangout. They are very tiny compared to the geese, herons, ducks and loons that I am used to seeing when on the water. The shorebirds were fun to watch as they scurried around on their skinny legs and took flight to the next rock as we paddle by. If anyone has some birding expertise and would like to identifly these little guys for me, it would be very much appreciated. Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge for better viewing.









4 thoughts on “Shorebirds @ Lyndhurst Lake

  1. Lovely photos of the birds, Beth.
    How lucky you are to be able to get up close to nature in the wild. (it’s one of my regrets being a inner city dweller with no car).

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