Marie Antoinette @ Ottawa Busker Festival


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




Ottawa’s annual Buskerfest takes place in August on the Sparks Street Mall. The Sparks Street Mall is a pedestrian street (no cars allowed) located one block south of Parliament Hill. Last year the performers came from Australia, California, Great Britain, and Canada.




This busker is Kate Mior performing her mime character Marie Antoinette. She performs “a bawdy and saucy take on the famed French Queen, Kate is a confection of 18th century decadence in historically accurate garb and giant powdered wig. She will coquettishly look for suitors and engages her adoring fans with a wit and presence only a queen can have!”




All of the performances are FREE but you are expected to bring some loonies and twoonies to throw in the hats of your favourite performers at the end of their acts. We just happened upon the festival on its first night so we were not prepared and but we made sure to have something to contribute when we returned the next day.



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