Before and After Farm Landscape


Β© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.




We were on route to another location when I captured this farm homestead from the side of the road. It was the worst time of day and I did not have much time to play around. The mid-day sun was very hot and harsh. But I knew this would be my only chance to capture this homestead, who knows what route we would take on the way back or it I would be able to spot it again.




I liked the texture of the wheat field in the foreground and the homestead in the background. But the light and cloudless sky were not great. I converted to monotone in order to bring out the shapes and textures of the foreground. Also, used a vignette and small crop to try to bring focus to the wheat. What do you think? Let me know if you have a preference.





24 thoughts on “Before and After Farm Landscape

  1. I love the texture on the wheat, and I think that the first full color photograph shows that the best. Even if you were to crop it so that only the wheat showed (no sky or barns or trees, etc.), I think that the wheat in the first full color photograph would show the best. Although close to the sepia tone, there are some additional nuances of color in the wheat in the full color photograph that make them seem more interesting.

  2. Hi Beth, I prefer the B&W as it brings out the texture of the wheat better, If you could tone down the roof of the barn a little it would lift the wheat even more. Squint at your image and I think you will see the barn roof appears to dominate the scene. If you can visualise your image in B&W before creating an image I think you will find they work even better.
    Best MJ

      1. It’s always nice to have other peoples views on an image I think, to change your perspective, and maybe experiment. I wish more people would throw ideas at me!

  3. I prefer the first photo but if it were a photo of mine I would darken the color of the wheat field (and if possible fade the farm outline which attract too much attention) – in that manner the field texture would stand-out more. You could also simply crop off the farm and only have the wheat in the field of view. It is beautiful photo and there is much that can be done with it…

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