Waiting to Process – Autumn Colour at Mer Bleue Bog


© Copyright Beth Walsh Photography. All rights reserved.


It’s spring and yet, I’m posting pictures from last fall. Slowly working through my archives but more importantly, I think it is a good idea to leave your pictures alone for a time. Enough time that when you process them, you are viewing with a fresh pair of eyes. The extra time, in my opinion, allows one to gain perspective and be more objective. I find that this practice also makes the sorting and the deleting of pictures much easier. Having said that I hope you agree that these were worth the wait.




The Mer Bleue Bog is full of cattails and every time we visit I take pictures of them. But as I have mentioned before, I find capturing multiples, more difficult. This image has a very shallow depth of field which has resulted in a softer focus which I think works with these fluffy cattails.




Every season is interesting on the bog. The colours and textures are amazing. We were walking along the boardwalk when I caught these two children. Their bright pink jackets standout against the vivid autumns colours.




I don’t know what these bushes are but I have only seen them on the bog and they really stand out during the fall. Click on the images to enlarge for better viewing.



14 thoughts on “Waiting to Process – Autumn Colour at Mer Bleue Bog

  1. Autumn glories here Beth !
    I know what you mean about capturing low down multiple flower/ grasses … I think those cattails are just right with that brush like softness in their shape .
    How lucky to have the shot of pink in your forest picture … not two colours I would have thought could have worked together if you’d asked me but they do . They REALLY do 🙂

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